Wine, your best ally at mealtime

It is hard for all of us to be back to the routine: work, family, kids, and schools. These are the days where our entire world comes upside down trying to bring life to normal after summer holidays. Tv flood us with miracle diets to lose all that summer-overeating and torture ourselves for another few months until Christmas comes. Shall we really suffer that way by being obsessed with all that perfection they want us to sell? We don’t believe so. We should take care of our bodies and try to be healthy as much as possible, and we should keep enjoying of one of the greatest life’s pleasures: eating and drinking (responsibly).


We are also back and we are still trying to get back to normal. We are trying to fit ourselves back again in our favourite pants. But with the help of our recipe book and our favourite wine everything is going to be easier. We are trying to control our meals and each piece of food we eat but we won’t stop enjoying life and good habits/traditions. We will be back in shape but we will enjoy the path while we reach our goals. Life’s just once, so enjoy the trip!

So for that reason we encourage you to follow our motto “everything tastes different with a glass of wine” (if it’s Spanish wine, much better!). But besides our good traditions and party times, we are giving you five reasons why you should drink wine.

Our blend. Just plain delicious!
Our blend. Just plain delicious!

1-      In small quantities, prevents dementia. It is believed it’s because its antioxidants reduce swelling, prevent hardening of the arteries and ihibit blood clotting, improving blood flow

2-      A glass of wine (women) or two (men) prevents cardiovascular complications, as thrombus formation, women’s heart beats with a rhythm more regular if they drink half a glass of wine a day than  if they are abstinent

3-      Enjoying it responsibly, it releases endorphins (hormone of wellbeing) in two areas of the brain, the nucleus accumbens and cortex orbitorfrontal as a study says.

4-      Healthy mouth, healthy body. In Italy they have found that ancient custom of treating gum infections with wine has a scientific basis. This drink slows growth of oral streptococci, bacteria linked to cavities, gingivitis and sore throats.

5-      Reduces the risk of diabetes. Consumers of moderate amounts of wine are more likely to prevent type 2 diabetes. A study by the University of Harvard Public Health conducted among women over 25 years who consumed one or two glasses of wine a day were 58% less likely to have diabetes than non-drinkers.

 (Sources: Las Catas de Julio y  )

These are some reasons that might help you to enjoy a glass of wine while pairing it with your meal and you might discover a whole world of new sensations.

Recommendation of the week

Our weekly recommendation
Our weekly recommendation

Which is your trick to enjoy life? Share with us, we’d love to know! Thank you.

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