The best Restaurants at Torremolinos #CostadelSol

Summer holidays are around the corner. August is the month when everyone takes a few days off to travel to their favourite beach places to relax and have fun. Of course, one of the most special moments when you are with family and friends is when you sit at the beach to have maybe a paella or a “fritura malagueña” (that is, traditional fried fish, but not any kind of fish but Spanish fish directly from our seas), so if you are going to “Costa del Sol” around Málaga and specially Torremolinos, here we have some good recommendations to eat at the beach of Carihuela. The best places with the best food and the best prices. Don’t miss a detail!

La Carohuela Beach (Torremolinos).
La Carihuela Beach (Torremolinos).

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life. We love having a good meal with good wine and good company. La Carihuela is the best place for it.  Sun, beach, nice people around, lots of people having fun and lots of time to do nothing but what you like most: a meal at a restaurant or a drink at one of the most cool places in La Carihuela.

Traditional "Fritura Malagueña"
Traditional “Fritura Malagueña”

The first place I want  to recommend is one of the classic places of the beach at Bulto Street (parallel street to the promenade)in La Carihuela Beach. Restaurante El Levante. Good quality and price, nice service, good and delicious menu. Good wine list with good prices and all Spanish references. One of our favourite places when we go on holidays. Some reasons why we love it so much, as follow:

"Escalope Bolognesa" at Restaurante El Levante.
“Escalope Bolognesa” at Restaurante El Levante.
"Milhojas" Dessert at Restaurante El Levante.
“Milhojas” Dessert at Restaurante El Levante.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is Restaurante Vinoteca La Reserva de Antonio. Another classic place from the beach that re-opened their business last year with a new owner and a complet and very stylish refurbishment, just in Plaza El Remo (El Remo Square, which has a fisherman’s statue).

La Reserva de Antonio, La Carihuela (Torremolinos).
La Reserva de Antonio, La Carihuela (Torremolinos).

When I first saw this place, it never got my attention. It was the kind of place too classic and traditional for wealthy people of the region, but after after the reforbishment with new owner, chef, wine list and design it has became one of my favourites.

In this place I remember many of “first-times” moments. Nuria and I have lived there great and very happy moments with friends and family. Extense wine list with the best references, suberb cooking and presentation, wonderful table service, relaxing and nice decoration. It is not the most expensive restaurants in the beach but it is, for sure, one of the best in value for money. A must if you are in Torremolinos.

Croquetas at La Reserva de Antonio.
Croquetas at La Reserva de Antonio.
Steak and wine at La Reserva de Antonio.
Steak and wine at La Reserva de Antonio.


Delicious meall at La Reserva de Antonio.
Delicious meall at La Reserva de Antonio.

La Tahona de la Carihuela deserves a special place. It is the place that we visit at lunch-time. You can have anything you want, from the traditional and delicious Spanish food like paella, gazpacho andaluz (vegetables soup), “fritura malagueña” or a steak with mushrooms, pizza, pasta. You can have any kind of sweet desserts like waffles, ice-creams, strawberries with whipped cream. You can eat and drink at any time and even take it away. Their wine list is not very extense but it is well-selected.

As expected, table service is kind, helpful and intimate.

La Tahona is situated on the way down to the beach from the town centre of Torremolinos, going down Aladino Street. It is easy to see them as they cover 3 of the 4 corners when you get to the Bulto Street. An ice-cream, an aperitive, a relaxing meal at really good price, familiar treatment,  homemade desserts and bakery. Anything you want, they’ve got it!

La Tahona. Baked Aubergine
La Tahona. Baked Aubergine

If I have to chose a place for its food, quality, price, table service…a place I can visit even if I don’t have too much cash in the wallet. Restaurante El Playa, at 33 Bulto Street. A little premises with a seascape decoration according to the surroundings where you can have the best “fritura malagueña” in the region. Also, highly recommended tiny lamb chops, spaguettis or seafood soup. The magical touch comes with their special dessert: panacota, a kind of italian sweet junket  that you should not miss (it is served with chocolate, strawberrie or caramel syrup).

Seafood soup at Restaurante El Playa.
Seafood soup at Restaurante El Playa.

In this tour around La Carihuela Beach I cannot stop mentioning one of the best beach-bars: Restaurante El Canarias. Their aubergines with honey, ali-oli (garlic mayonnaise) Kingklip (fish), baked gilthead bream or their salads are some of their star-dishes. Suberb. What else can I say?.

My last experience in this restaurant was specially nice and unforgottenable: a familiar meal last holidays: good food, good wine, good moments to be remembered, good conversation and … the family. Restaurante El Canarias is by now like one of the members of our family. Family treatment, like most of the restaurants in this beach.

But if you are looking for a bit of clubbing, you cannot miss El Horno Beach. The coolest place of the beach, with music, the best gins and “mojito”. Parties and events during the whole summer.  You can visit anytime of the day.


Have you ever visited one of these places? What do you think? Thanks for leaving your comment!

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