Are you ready for a good celebration ?.

A barbacue,  meeting some friends, a meal, partying, dinning, a rendez-vous, or that time you promised to spend with your best friend. Summer is here and we are all more up for all this special times with friends and family to share, enjoy and have fun.

Here are some refreshing and suggestions for this summer.

Directly from Alicante, sparkling or non-sparkling wines. We have the perfect trio (Marina Espumante, Marina Espumante Brut and Marina Espumante Rosé) together with the most popular white wine, Marina Alta, makes it the perfect match.

Directly from Alicante.
Directly from Alicante.

A young, fresh, refreshing and funny albariño directly from Rias Baixas. If you take this to a party you would be the party king. No one will want something different. Guaranteed! (You & Me Albariño)


Some other succesful Spanish wines are Godello grape ones. You can choose between Casar de Burbia Godello, Erebo or Sila. There are so many!

Verdejo from Rueda are also very popular because of their perfect acidity and right sweetness. Easy drinking and delicious option. (12 Linajes Verdejo D.O.Rueda).

12 Linajes Verdejo. D.O. Rueda. Spain.
12 Linajes Verdejo. D.O. Rueda. Spain.

Another delicious and refreshing option are wines elaborated with Sauvignon Blanc, the french grape develops perfectly in the Spanish fields. Rueda and Ribera del Júcar are two of the Apellation of Origins with great results. Perfect pairing with seafood, fish, meat, Spanish morcilla. Oh what a match with morcilla! You have to try it! – Garcigrande Sauvignon Blanc or Casa Gualda Sauvignon Blanc.

Red wines are also good option if you know how to choose the right one. Syrah wines are our favourites: Paal 01 or Casa Gualda Syrah. 

The recently awarded 3 Ases Crianza, from Ribera del Duero, 100% Tempranillo. The right choice to share and enjoy with friends and family.

3 ases crianza zarcillo de plata

Rioja has also a perfect match for the high-temperatured days coming ahead: Alcorta and Friends. 100% Tempranilo. As it says, to enjoy with friends at summer

Some refreshing Spanish options for the Summer
Some refreshing Spanish options for the Summer

Elegance is not something you should give up to. We have some great references in our country. Terroir 34 is a refreshing, elegant and original verdejo white wine. Drinking a toast is something special when you do it with the best Cava: Gramona Imperial or the delicious Reserva de Familia of Juve & Camps. You can also try the elegance of Rias Baixas, the most emblematic wines from Galicia: Finca Valiñas.

If you want to try something different from Spanish wines, we would recommend these wines eleborated with the foreigner Viognier grape. Refreshing, original and something different for your summer sunsets. Have a try with Puerto Pinar (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla) and Clos Cor Ví (Valencia).

Puerto Pinar (100% Viognier) and Clos Cor Vi (Coupage 60%40% Viognier and Riesling). You shouldn't miss them!
Puerto Pinar (100% Viognier) and Clos Cor Vi (Coupage 60%40% Viognier and Riesling). You shouldn’t miss them!

We are big fans of a good Sherry, so we cannot miss this chance of recommending our lasts Sherry-wines discoveries. A good Fino or a good Amontillado. Make sure to enjoy it with no rush and/or alone.


These are some of our recommendations. Have you every try something different and special?. Let us know!

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