Elegance in Ribera del Duero

When you are starting new projects your days are full of work, wine tasting events, courses, other kind of events and suddenly you stop and wonder why you started all this. It is good to have friends that reminds your passion and the reasons why you started to built your dreams to become reality. Our friend Julio has a very good nose when choosing a new wine, so one of these days he introduces me to a wine expert, an oenologist of winery in Ribera del Duero and recommends me to to try their wines. A new synergy is about to begin…

3 Ases Roble 2010. Elegant from Ribera del Duero
3 Ases Roble 2010. Elegant from Ribera del Duero

Do you know what’s the best thing of working in the world of wine? Passion. Passion for wine, the wine making, pride for the wine elaborated that you have seen growing and maturing, passion for what they have created and what they believe in. Passion is contagious and I love to be caught. 3 Ases Roble is elaborated carefully with a small production from their own vineyards makes their little project “3 Ases” a delicacy of Gods affordable for everyone (6,21€). The beautiful label, elegantly and well designed. As Cesar, their winemaker and one of the alma mater of the winery, says “ I greatly appreciate your words, they are the “fuel” that moves the engine forward to every day and especially at this time of general pessimism” and I am glad to be a bit of that fuel to push them to move forward. Of course, I highly recommend you to taste this fruity, easy drinking and a delicious wine to pair with our mediterranean diet.

 Enjoy this great Ribera! Cheers.

Tasting notes:

 3 Ases Roble 2010.

3 Ases Roble with Spanish cold cured meat
3 Ases Roble with Spanish cold cured meat

 D.O. Ribera del Duero

Grapes: 100% Tempranillo

 Winery: 3 Ases

 Peñín Points: 88 (Best Buy)

 Precio: 6,21€ en Vinuranto

Colour: red cherry with fuchsia border with a touch of amber. Bright and clean.

In the nose attacks with dark fruits, balsamic notes and a touch of wood like vanilla, toasted and caramel aromas. Highlighting forest and field aromas, terroir of the ribera, poplars and riverbank notes.

 In the mouth is sweet and light with a fresh acidity, with a pleasant transition, smooth tannin, well balanced, light and delicate. Short but sweet aftertaste. Very light and easy drinking.

Pairing: vegetable puree, minced beef and Spanish cold cured meat

Have you ever tried this or any other Ribera del Duero? Leave your comment with your thoughts. Thank you!

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