Visiting Kirios de Adrada (Ribera del Duero)


The underground cellar.
The underground cellar.

It was long time ago when the winery Kirios de Adrada (D.O. Ribera del Duero) got Ginny’s attention, firstly because it had her surname on their name and also because of the sobriety and elegance shown on their labels of their products: Noche (Night) and Todo (All).

Todo wine

When we started this little project of our own, we both didn’t hesitate and we wanted to taste their wines to include them in our online boutique. What we thought it was pretty curious that even some neightbours knew about this winery and their wines, and they recommend us to contact them.

Adrada de Haza (Burgos).
Adrada de Haza (Burgos). Sights from the winery.

After contact them, they invited us to visit their winery, elaboration and taste all their wines (some of them you will find them at their website and other deliciousness you won’t- they produce in small quantities). An unforgettenable visit we describe below.

Sunny and warm wednesday of October (2012) we left Madrid heading Burgos. The road was easy, thanks to the wonderful GPS of our mobiles. Once we arrived in Adrada de Haza, a very small town, and despite that fact it was unbelievable we got lost in it! Typical when you come from the big city and you think every place is like your hometown. Thanks God! It wasn’t difficult to get back to the right road and find the winery: on a top of a hill with enviable sights of the valley. Thank you Maite and neighbours of Adrada de Haza for your directions!

The entrance to the winery is beautiful, with a small garden with a fond and flowers surrounding it. They were still remodeling it but it was very neat.

Jesús welcomed us kindly, he was preparing the destemmer to have everything ready when the grapes arrive from the harvest – where Maite, his wife, was-. He tells us how they elaborate the wines. Everything is natural, there are no chemicals on their production process. You can clearly appreciate it in their wines because they don’t clarify them nor they don’t filter them. He tell us that when the crisis started the winery suffered a little slip and the winery broke. Just like The Phoenix, they arose from their ashes and they started again few years ago bringing out their two star wines. He showed us the barrels room, an underground cellar where the new barrels lay and where the bottles are in the last process of rounding the wine. After this visit, down spiral stairs, we went outdoors to disvover a new place hidden behind the winery that were rebuiliding and improving to store more barrels: an old underground cellar in a slope of a mountain that they discovered one day after a snowfall. They started chipping and they found some stairs on the way down to a gallery that were hidding behind a stone wall that lifted up as a natural way.

One of the sights from the winery.
One of the sights from the winery.

The sights from the winery are breathtaking. On one side, you can see all the roof of the little houses of Adrada de Haza, and on their other side, you can see the valley with the hills on the horizon. The day was wonderful, sky blue and sun shinning. I wish I could stay there for the rest of the day.

Jesús invited us again in, and we went some stairs up, to the Tasting Room with a long wooden table and big large windows. This is the moment we have been waiting for months. We started with Ácrata Primavera (Spring). Jesús told us that Ácrata Otoño (Autumn) is sold out and we won’t be able to taste it until they have the new vintage. Then we tasted Ácrata Verano (Summer) and then we tasted the red wines ones: Noche and Todo.

I should mention that Ácrata Primavera was the favourite of all the four attendees in thar room considering most of them weren’t fans of white wine. A different wine, elaborated with grapes not common in the region, but natives, like Albillo and Pirulés (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León). Same with Todo wine from D.O. Ribera del Duero. They are all great wines, elegant that surprise they are made from organic farming and production, which highlights that the fruit of the earth and the good taste of the winemaker are very important when making wine.  A good choice owne them, drinking them, enjoy them and go for a winery that believes in natural meths to elaborate their wines.

Ácrata Primavera
Ácrata Primavera

Here are some the tasting notes:

Ácrata Primavera– with bakery notes and apple, well balanced with minerally touch. We described it as “a non-sparkling cider”. Delicious, easy drinking and a must for Christmas time. Price: 15,73€

Ácrata  Verano- rosé wine. Fresch with herbal and minerally touches. Balsamic aftertaste. A different rosé wine, very web made. Price: 9,83 €

Kirios de Adrada's wines.
Kirios de Adrada’s wines.


Noche– red wine, médium-high intensity, red fruits, vanilla, good tannin. Powerful and structured wine and a perfect pairing with any Spanish dish: cold cut meats, toast with butter and jam, stews, red meats. Anything! Price: 21,24€.


 Todo– red wine, with a beautiful purple colour, high intensity, very elegant wine, with touch of blackberries, good tannin, and balsamic touch. Aftertaste with toasted and vanilla taste. Great wine for those special moments… or maybe not so special. Price: 31,46€

That day I discovered what “Adrada” mean. Jesús told us that it mean “The Beloved”.

We ended that day visiting a very famous town called “Aranda del Duero” (about 20 kms from Adrada de Haza), and having a big meal in one of their best restaurants “El Ciprés” (that a friend in Twitter recommended us): morcilla and lechazo (young lamb). That day was perfect and we hope to keep enjoying these great wines.



The winery Kirios de Adrada
The winery Kirios de Adrada

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