The best Syrah Spanish wines

Enrique Mendoza Syrah 2009
Enrique Mendoza Syrah 2009

I read somewhere, sometime ago that Syrah grape was easy cultivating but it was difficult to get quality wines from them. I guess when this person said that he was right back then. Experience and many tasting moments after I can assure that this is not true. Why then would a well-known producer of the best wines in the world (France) would use that grape? There must be a reason for it. And there is a reason why every day I find delicious and very well balanced and produced Syrah wines in Spain. Not maybe the most popular wineries will, but yet the best ones, those different and small ones will. From Extremadura, to Navarra, all the way through Madrid, reaching Málaga and Alicante. Here some tasting notes of my favourites, those that I consider worth mentioning.

Paal 01 2011
Paal 01 2011

Paal 01

100% Syrah

D.O. Navarra

Price: 7,87€

Colour: Red black cherry with purple borders, very bright.

In the nose attacks with red fruits and open field, fresh, touch of vanilla, blackberry, liquorice. Well assembled and complex.

In the mouth is smooth, fresh, acid, good tannin, light with a bitter touch in the end. Aftertaste lightly toasted. Very balanced. Tasty. A great wine, a great Syrah.

Blend: Freíd eggs with smoked bacon.

Enrique Mendoza 2009

100% Syrah

D.O. Alicante

Price: 14,75€

Colour: Colour:Red cherry, with borders violet, clean, and bright.

In the nose attacks with tones of rain, strawberry candy, acidity, touch of vanilla and balsamics and spicy. Blackberry, liquorice and wet soil.

In the mouth is light and fresch, balanced, with soft tannins and powerful in the end. Aftertate herbaceous, acid and long. Refined and elegante. A good Syrah.

Blend: pork chop.

rose hamburguesa
Rosé Emperador V.T. Extremadura

Rosé Emperador

100% Syrah

Vinos de la Tierra de Extremadura

Precio: 4,40€

Colour:  Red salmon coloured, transparent, lightly sparkling.

In the nose attacks with strawberries, toast, touch of black chocolate and bramble, blackberry.

In the mouth is sweet, fresh, citrus, strawberry, fast in mouth like a refreshing drink. Aftertaste balsamic and salty. Really good. Easy drinking.

Blend: pizza, hamburguer. Anything you want!

Puerto Carbonero.

Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla

Garage Wine.

Garnacha, Syrah.

Price: 17,20€

Colour: Ruby with violet borders with blueish reflections.

In the nose attacks with toasted tones, strawberries, rain, very fruity and vanilla, touch of balsamics, open field, coffee candy, herbaceous tones. Deep and complete nose.

In the mouth is creamy, mineral, acid, tasty, with good acidity but well balanced despite is recently bottled. With good body, tannin and well assembled. Garnacha is eased with Syrah by highlighting the fruit in the palate. Simple but good wine. To be considered.

Puerto Carbonero 2011.
Puerto Carbonero 2011.

Ever tried any of these? Please, share your thoughts here. Thank you.

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