My favourite Rioja

We’ve heard a rumour, Ramón Bilbao (a famous winery from Rioja that has conquered the world with its fruity wines), has a brand new product on the market. Viñedos de Altura (“High Altitude Vineyards”) is elaborated 50% Tempranillo (Spanish quintessential grape) and 50% Garnacha with their best and hightest vineyards of northern region Rioja. With a burgundy label they catch your atttention and the wine is presented as a limited edition that seems very appealing. We didn’t hesitate a minute and contacted our supplier to have a sample to taste at home.

The colour astonishes me. I love how it smells when you uncork the bottle. I get so excited when I have a bottle of Ramon Bilbao. Anyone can see what this winery makes me. I get so nervous and excited at the same time. I always try to hold back the emotions but I can’t help smiling when I love something, when I’m passioned about something. Excuse me if I let the child inside me run free and play in the streets of Tastes and Aromas. I like daydreaming when I taste this wine.

viñedosdelaturyaThere’s a shadow of doubt in me. I fear not to like it, to lose the passion that makes me love this winery and its brilliant wines. When I uncork the bottle you check everything’s ok and you serve yourself a glass of that new wine that you never had the chance to taste at home. This wine cellar is supported by a long tradition elaborating wine, by professionals and consumers. But I like what I see, smell and taste. Full of sensations: everything I like shows up here: the balsamic, roasted, salty and fruity tones.

When you read the tasting note of the wine cellar, they stand out pairing it with spicy food like Oriental food, so we decide to match it with meatballs and bittersweet souce, chocolate biscuits and chinese food. This was a complete and delicious blend. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.


 Our tasting note:


Our blend. Just plain delicious!
Our blend. Just plain delicious!

Ramon Bilbao Viñedos de Altura 2009

D.O. Ca. Rioja

Bodega: Ramón  Bilbao

Grapes: Tempranillo, Garnacha

Price:10,70 € – Purchase it HERE!

Colour: black cherries, with fucsia borders and amber light reflections.

On the nose attacks with reoasted tones, a touch of vanilla, balsamics – pipper,fennel-, toffee and berries.

In the mouth is sweet and light , with sweet and refreshing tannin, fresh and roasted aftertaste (almonds, nuts), well balanced, sparkling touch from the balsamic tones, salty. Persistent and sweet aftertaste.

Our blend: turkey meatballs with bittersweet sauce, chocolate biscuit, fried eggs and chinese food. Perfect match with everything.

(This wine has recently been awarded with a Gold Medal at Bacchus 2013)

We are convinced that this wine will surprise and delight everyone. What do you think?


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