Carpe Diem Trasañejo is meant to be remembered

Carpe Diem Trasañejo
Carpe Diem Trasañejo

First thing to be said about this wine is that this is not a common sweet wine, with a smooth, toasted and caramel taste, balanced and high roast. Maybe because it’s aged in barrels, maybe because it’s from down South of Spain (Málaga) makes it perfect match with any traditional Spanish dish. Coloured with a beautiful coaba tone and amber borders will delight everyone who tastes it.

Something you should know about us is that we love to take risks when tasting and pairing wine. Every tasting moment it’s a wonderful experience and with Carpe Diem Trasañejo was not any different. Sweet Spanish wine with cold cured meat: salami, crackling, chorizo, cheese… and our own recipe of pizza, Spanish pizza as we call it. It’s basically made of salami, sausage, chorizo, emmental cheese, grated cheese…

Homemade Spanish Pizza
Homemade Spanish Pizza

The result of this pairing was spectacular such like the wine’s acidity desappears, the toasted notes evaporated and smooth and sweet notes shows instead, mixing with cold cured meat making our dinner a pure delicious thing.

This wine’s name should be remembered: Carpe Diem Trasañejo. Recently awarded with a gold medal at Bacchus 2013. You shouldn’t miss the chance and try it any time you can. I’m sure you will enjoy the experience.

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