Hello and welcome to our blog.

We are two Spanish wine lovers and want to share here all our passion and spread out the word of Spanish greatest wines.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just returned from Granada tasted some beautiful wines particular favourite was a Fontadei looked on line but finding difficult to buy in uk any suggestions please …great site!

    1. Hello James,

      Thanks for visiting our site and commeting.

      I have good news for you. As you may know, we have our online wine store.

      Since we are changing and updating for a better experience, please email us at info@vinuranto.com with the reference of Fontedei you want to purchase and we would be please to deliver to the UK.

      Make sure to include all your details of delivery and your favourite Fontedei wine so we can send you the total amount before accepting your purchase.

      You can pay through Paypal.

      We look forward to receiving your email.

      Nuria & Virginia.
      Vinuranto Team.

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